At  the  last  meeting,  the  house  handed  down  organization  and  planning  of  the International Peace Day celebrations to Oladunjoye Busola, Elda David and Daniel Nwaeze. With the support of the General Secretary, we were able to execute the task and made the international peace day celebrations a great success.

Chaste Inegbedion, founder of Giving Garage share initiatives of his organization called #PeaceIsPossible.


Deborah Uwadia from Benin talked about her initiative “Blood Saves Lives” and how they have been engaging young people to donate blood for a cause and help victims thereby seeing the need to preserve lives.


Kennedy Onugbor shared his initiative in Zamfara “The African Child Club” where they teach kids to uphold the African spirit of unity and teach them skills to keep the occupied and not think of joining extremists.

Adewumi Samuel talked about his GIW Humanity Support Outreach while Stephanie Oni-Ogunbor talked  about  her  project  “Sustainable Alliance for Female Empowerment” (SAFE).


The National Information Officer, United Nations Information Center (UNIC) Mr. Seyi was engaging throughout the event as he discussed functions of the UN towards peace building and in achieving the SDGs in Nigeria after which he had a question and answer session with the participants.


UNAN was represented by Mrs. Hilda Nwachukwu, who talked about our activities and how young people can get involved with UNAN.


Our keynote speaker  was represented by Mr. Ezekiel. Mr.  Ezekiel  was  impactful  all  through  as  he  talked  about “Youths  and  Peace  Building  in  Nigeria”  with  emphasis  on SDGs goal 1 and 4.


As the event continued, UNIC Director, Mr. Ronald  Kayanja made an appearance and said words of encouragement to the young leaders and listened to the discussions as they continued.


In total, we had 53 young people from Lagos, Oyo, Osun and Benin come together to share their ideas on peace and tell stories about their individual initiatives.


After the event, UNIC country director was impressed at the outcome of the program and told us to plan ahead of the United Nations Day on October 24.