UNAN Joins In Celebration Of 2018 International Jazz Day

Press Statement.

As the world celebrates the 2018  International Day of Jazz, the United Nations Association of Nigeria calls on government to pay more attention to the power of music and culture as tools to inspire peace, unity, teamwork and and transformative communication for peace and unity.Jazz musical genre in particular has been widely recognized as  a powerful tool in promoting cultural diplomacy and bringing people of different races and ethnic groups together. Hence the reason why UNESCO instituted the International Day of Jazz. At a time the nation is witnessing an array of conflicts steps should be taken to use the cultural, creativity and entertainment industry to promote understanding among various groups.

It is particularly worthy of note that the Jazz community in Nigeria is  edicating this year’s international Day of Jazz to the late South African Jazz artiste, , Hugh Masakela, who dedicated his music and  life to the fight against apartheid  and racial integration in post apartheid South Africa. This is a worthy recognition and We commend the Organisers of the event in Nigeria for such an initiative. UNAN hopes this will serve as inspiration in particular to young musicians and others artiste in the art and entertainment industry to continue, through their music and artistic expressions to  promote understanding unity and non-violence as well as rally the people round the goal of a peaceful coexistence  for enduring  peace and development; regardless of ethnic and religious  difference.


Engr Gani Owolabi


30th April 2018.