UNAN Welcomes The Historic Korean Peninsula Peace Summit


UNAN joins the United Nations Secretary General and the rest of the World to applaud the recent Summit meeting between the leaders of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea in the search for enduring peace in the Korean Peninsular.

This unexpected development between two Nations which are still technically at war with each other for over six decades is certainly good news for the International Community and the UN which has been working assiduously for peace between North and South Korea. The imagery of the two leaders of North and South Korea, hitherto sworn enemies, shaking hands and pledging to work for peace in the Korean Peninsula is a salute to the courage of the two Leaders to seek peace. And we agree with the keen watchers of events between the two  peninsular that this is an encouraging sign and we hope commitment by the UN to support future steps will bring enduring peace to  end  60 years of of hostilities and unite the two people thorn apart on account of ideological differences.

As observed by the UN Secretary General, implementation of agreed action and continued talks for complete peace will go a long way for the goal of denuclearization and maintenance of Peace and Security in all parts of the World.

Beyond all of these, the event is certainly a victory for peace and the confirmation of usefulness of Chapter 6 of the UN Charter which encourages peaceful resolution of conflicts for maintenance of peace and security in the World. In addition it serves as a powerful symbol and example for other troubles parts of the world particularly the Middle East where conflicts and wars are still raging; and UNAN express the hope it would inspire peace in these areas.


Engr. Ganiyu OWOLABI


UNAN, Lagos, Nigeria