#EndSARS: United Nations Association Of Nigeria Condemns Violation Of Human Rights

The Nigerian Youths started #ENDSARS protest several days ago in the country which was then targeted at the stoppage of human rights violation by the Security Agency that was set up to target violent robbery and kidnapping incidents.

The encounters by the several Youths and Adults that had one time or the other faced harassments from the Security Agents were not only agonizing but dehumanizing with violation of human rights of such Persons. We were all quite encouraged by the wake-up call by the Youths and waited for prompt actions by the Nigerian Government.

The black Tuesday (20/10/2020) incident in Lagos where unarmed Protestants were attacked with live ammunitions was the straw that broke the camel’s back and got lots of People completely destabilized. The incident was unexpected and it calls for immediate thorough investigation with the “unidentified” military personnel involved brought to book. The act has not only brought the Nigeria populace into a shameful outlook but gives further bad name to the Country.

We once again sympathize with all those that lost their lives since the protests started and call on the appropriate authorities to rise up to further protection of lives of Nigerians. The identified culprits should be brought to book.

Engr Ganiyu Owolabi

UNA-Nigeria, Lagos.