1. The association shall be known and called “The United Nations of Nigeria” (UNAN), herein after referred to as “the Association”.
  2. The emblem of the Association shall be the United Nations logo with UNA at the top and “NIGERIA” at the lower part.



The aims and objects of the Association shall be:

  1. To promote the ideals of the UN particularly
  • To encourage mutual understanding, solidarity and spirit of tolerance among all people of the world.
  • To contribute to the removal of obstacles to peace, injustice and to work for the promotion of security, disarmament and development of peaceful co-existence among the nations.
  1. To disseminate news and information about the United Nations among the grassroots people.
  • To consult regularly with the government on matters of maintaining peace, promoting education, health, etc.
  1. To collaborate actively with the United Nations agencies particularly the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) in disseminating news and information with other NGOs promoting the cause of the United Nations.


  1. The membership of the Association shall be open to any person of good character, irrespective of nationality, race or creed.
  2. A prospective member shall attain the age of eighteen (18) years either before or after the date of admission.
  • The enrolment fee shall be one thousand Naira (N1,000.00). The annual subscription per member shall be two thousand, four hundred Naira (N2,400.00) payable in bulk or monthly instalments.
  1. The life membership fee of the Association shall be the minimum of Ten thousand Naira (N10,000.00)
  2. The various fees stated above are subject to amendment by the General Meeting in accordance with Article 13
  3. There shall be a Youth Wing and any member that is between Eighteen (18) and Thirty (30) years belongs to this wing of the Association.



There shall be primarily three organs of the Association, namely: the National Assembly, the State Branches and the Chapter.

  1. The National Assembly shall be the umbrella for all other branches and chapters in the country and shall deal with other organisations / world bodies on behalf of all other organs.
  2. The State Branch shall oversee its own affairs and the Chapters within the State and responsible to the National Assembly.
  • A Chapter shall be a small body whose membership and activities are confined to a prescribed area and shall be responsible to a state branch or the National Assembly which ever exists in the area.


  1. The National Officers of the Association shall comprise of the following;
  2. The President
  3. The Vice-President
  • The Secretary-General
  1. The Assistant Secretary-General
  2. The Treasurer
  3. The Financial Secretary
  • The Information Officer
  • The Auditors
  1. The Legal Adviser
  2. 2 Ex-officio members


  1. State Officers:

State Officers shall be elected by their own members to be headed by a Chairman


  1. Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers shall be elected by their own members headed by Co-ordinators


  1. Functions of National Officers:
  2. The President:
  • shall summon both Executive and General meetings, through the Secretary-General,
  • shall preside over both Executive and General meetings,
  • shall have a casting vote when there is a tie,
  • shall appoint any member upon the advice of the Executive Committee to act in vacant post (a), pending appropriate election(s),
  • shall counter sign all minutes of the Association’s meetings,
  • shall counter sign cheques and other financial documents as may be deemed necessary


  1. The Vice-President:

Shall discharge the duties of the President except those listed in Article 5d i (f) above in this Constitution whenever the President is unavoidably absent


  • The Secretary-General:
  • shall summon both Executive and General meetings upon the advice of the President (or Article 10.(d). of this Constitution
  • shall be the custodian of all the Association’s correspondence
  • shall deal with all correspondence
  • shall be a signatory to the Association’s monetary transactions, that is, including cheques, passbooks, etc
  • shall liaise with the news media on the activities of the Association in the absence of the Information Officer


  1. The Assistant Secretary-General:
  • shall from time to time assist the Secretary-General
  • shall not be a signatory to the Association’s cheques, passbooks or other financial transactions
  • shall perform the duties of the Secretary-General when the incumbent is absent.


  1. The Treasurer:
  • shall receive all monies of the Association through the Financial Secretary.
  • shall pay all monies received into the bank within 48 hours from the time of receipt.
  • shall keep up to date books of accounts, which shall be made available for inspection by appointed Auditors.
  • shall keep an imprest account of not more than one thousand Naira (N1,000.00).


  1. The Financial Secretary:
  • shall receive and keep records of all dues and fees.
  • shall make available the books of accounts for examination any time as may be demanded by the Executive Committee or appointed Auditors.
  • shall pay all monies received on behalf of the Association to the Treasurer within 48 hours of receipt.
  • shall issue receipt for all monies received.


  • The Information Officer:
  • shall publicise adequately all the activities of the Association.
  • All publications on behalf of the Association must, however, be authorised by the Executive Committee and/or the President.


  • The National Executive Committee shall consist of the list in Article 5 (a) together with the Chairman and Secretary of each state Branch. Any member may be co-opted to serve on the Executive. 50% of the members shall form a quorum at any Executive Committee meeting.
  • The state branch Executive shall compose of officers as in (b), plus two ex-officio members.
  • Any member may be co-opted into the State Executive Committee.


  • The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be the Grand Patron of the Association.
  • The Association shall appoint other Patrons and honorary members as deem fit.



The trustees of the Association shall comprise of Seven (7) eminent Nigerians chosen by the National Executive Committee of the Association, and ratified at an annual general meeting.


  1. The election of officers of the Association shall take place biennially by secret ballot at the annual general meeting of the Association to be held in February. All members shall be entitled to vote and be voted for except those in arrears of one year’s subscription
  2. Persons eligible to be elected into the positions of the President, Vice-President and Secretary-General must have been active financial members for a minimum of five (5) years
  • Persons eligible to be elected into the positions for the Treasurer and Financial Secretary must have been active and financial members of the Association for a minimum of two (2) years.


  • The annual general meeting of the Association shall be once a year at a place decided by the Executive Committee.
  • State branches of the Association shall hold regular monthly meetings.
  • State branch emergency meetings may hold at the request of the Chairman through the Secretary.
  • National Executive Committee Meeting:

The president, or on the written application of any twelve financial members shall summon an emergency meeting of the association through the Secretary-General.

  • Executive Committee meetings shall be held twice in a year as occasions demand
  • Representations

Persons to represent UNAN at outside engagement(s) in particular foreign ones shall be of good character and must have been active and active and financial members for a period of not less than 2 years.


  • The Executive Committee shall have power to impose special levy on members when occasions demand. It shall also have power to devise other means of raising funds for the Association.
  • Annual dues by State Branches to the National Body shall be five thousand naira (N5,000.00) minimum.



Delinquent members shall be dealt with as follows:

  • Any member who is in arrears of his or her subscription for one year shall be given in writing one month’s notice within which to pay the arrears in full, failing which he or she may be suspended or dealt with in any manner as the Executive Committee may decide.
  • The Executive of each organ as appropriate shall formulate policies for disciplinary measures
  • Any member who uses the name or letter headings or seal of the Association in an unethical manner shall be subject to disciplinary measures.



Notice to amend this Constitution shall be made in writing to the Secretary-General three (3) months to the Annual General Meeting.



Adopted at a General meeting held on ……………………………at the Federal Secretariat Complex, Phase 1, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.




President   Secretary-General